How to tell if the shoe fits – Comfort is everything

Here we are going to be talking about finding the shoe that fits you. Whether you have big feet, small feet, wide feet etc Having a shoe that fits you is key! Do you have back pain? Part of that could do with having the wrong shoe, many people really don’t think of that with everything else they think about in a day.

How to tell if the shoe fits you? Well first I am going to start with talking about your feet, like the shape and form of your feet. Knowing the form and shape of your foot will help you find the shoe that fits you and fits comfortably. Once we have that down I am going on to explain the right shoe for actvity’s, like for running, hiking, camping and sports. You don’t want to wear running shoes when you go hiking and you don’t want to wear hiking shoes when going on a run.

Helping your back. Your back is really going to thank you with finding a shoe that fits you the right way. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to have an aching back. That”s why I will be helping you solve that problem. Among solving that problem it will help you solve a lot of other problems that go along with an aching back.

There”s a right shoe and a wrong shoe. I want to make sure to go over the shoe that is right for you. There is a lot of different shoes out there. That”s why I am here to help you find the right shoe for you.

How to find the shoe that fits you? Your feet.

Sure everyone can go and buy a pair of shoes that fit but do they fit you right? The first step you want to take to make sure your shoe is going to fit you the right way is to look at your feet and the way they are shaped. Do you have wide feet or flat feet, or maybe you have arched feet.

If you, have wide feet your probably not going to be very comfortable in running shoes. You would want to wear a casual pair of shoes. A casual pair of shoes have more support around your ankle than a pair of running shoes. If you, have arched feet you would be comfortable in a pair of running shoes.

Right shoe for the activity

If you, are active like I am than you will need more than one pair of shoes. For instance, if you are going to play a game of basketball your going to want to wear a pair of shoes that has good ankle support. Same with if you are going on a hiking trip or camping trip. Having the right shoes for the right activity is ideal.

I got your back

Having the right shoe for you, you will notice a big relief in your back. If your anything like me being active and a labor your back needs to be in good health. Even if you are not as active having the wrong shoe will hurt not only your feet but your back too!

There are a lot of different kinds of shoes out there, some of them are good and some that are not so good. I am here to tell you what kinds of shoes are going to be comfortable for you. First off I would stay away from any flat shoes or shoes with no ankle support. The reason why is that without that support it’s going to hurt your feet and your back.

If you, can bend and twist a pair of shoes with ease, they are not going to be supportive enough. If you, can bend a pair of shoes in half i would not suggest buying. Another pair of shoes I would stay away from would be pointed shoes. For instance a pair of high heels. They scrunch your toes together. The awkward positioning of your toes can also cause them to contract and eventually curl, most people call that hammertoe.

The best shoes for your feet are shoes that have a slight wedge of 1.5 to a 1.5 inch wedge. This slight angle can provide better support and balance. Most sneakers only have a lifespan of 6 months or 500 miles depending on how soft the rubber is. If they are worn out, just though them away. If you, wear worn out shoes, you’ll be setting yourself up for injury.

It’s a good idea to have more than one pair of shoes. That way you are not wearing down just one pair of shoes. It is ideal to wear one pair of shoes for no more than three days in a row, after that I would switch to another pair of shoes. If you, do this you my friend will notice a huge differences in your feet, legs and back.

On cloud 9

You can improve your comfort not only with the shoe that fits you the way it should but with a pair of good insoles to go in your shoes. Having the right insoles in a good pair of shoes, you will feel like you are on cloud 9. When you decide to buy a pair of insoles for your shoes, you are going to want to make sure to get the right size. Insoles can help by mitigating these issues because they provide shock absorption and can help to better distribute the stress of your body weight along the length and breadth of your foot.

They can also provide more support for the way your foot works; it can correct over-pronation and over-supination. Here are three types of insoles you might consider getting.

  1. Rigid support: This type of insole is very technical and is used to control the movement of the foot below the ankle. It helps control your foot. This type of insole is made out of plastic or ABS together with foam and microfiber for comfort.
  2. Soft support: These insoles help you with your balance and they can ease the pressure on sore points on your feet. Soft insoles are lightweight and are usually made out of foam or gel.
  3. Semi-rigid support: This type of insole is both soft and rigid. If you, play sports or are active, this type of insole is for you. It is made out of a combination of supportive materials like plastic, leather, cork and foam.   

Kick your feet up

I hope after this information you find that shoe that fits you. I believe if you go by my information on finding the shoe that fits you, your lower part of your body will love you. You might find that you will have more energy just because your lower part of your body is not in pain anymore from wearing the wrong shoe. After all your feet are what gets you from point A to point B. Comfort is everything!

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