About me

Hi everyone and welcome to If The Shoe Fits website. Having the right shoe to fit your feet and your lifestyle is key. I know when I was growing up having the newest kicks was everything. From comfort and style we have the shoes that fit you! I played a lot of sports as a kid so I needed all different kinds of shoes for different sports and casual wear as well.

Comfort is everything

I know from being a very active person and a labor that having the right shoe that fits is key. There is nothing worse than wearing the wrong pair of shoes, this is why comfort means everything. We want to help you get that perfect shoe for you!

The Goal of If The Shoe Fits

Here at If The Shoe Fits our goal is to provide you with the best shoe that fits you and your lifestyle. We want the best for your feet and back as well. If The Shoe Fits will provide you with shoes that will make your feet thank you. Cause comfort is everything and we want to make you as comfortable as possible here at If The Shoe Fits.




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